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We empower students of Ethiopia

To foster an environment where they can thrive

By bridging the gap between needs and resources

At Tesfa Ethiopia, we're asking what's preventing children from receiving an education?

We first began our work by providing school supplies and uniforms to students across Ethiopia. Now, we're expanding our services to create a holistic approach to supporting children's education.

As of 2018, one out of four children of primary school age in Ethiopia are out of school. Children as young as seven shine shoes, sell chewing gum, sweets, lottery tickets and other small items to raise money. In many rural parts of the country, children are often forced to put education aside to help their families at home.

Poverty, lack of access to clean water, poor sanitation and hygiene practices, gender inequality, among other factors prevent children from accessing or completing their education. We created Tesfa Ethiopia to break these barriers because we believe education is a human right.

Our mission

We empower children of Ethiopia by bridging the gap between needs and resources to foster an environment where every child can reach their full potential.

Our Vision

To empower children of Ethiopia

"We want a library!"

Help us make the dream of a school library come true in Lenchicho, Ethiopia!

At Tesfa, we believe all students should have the tools they need to learn and grow both inside and outside the classroom. Libraries are the heart of schools and fundamental to transforming learning. Yet, too many schools in rural areas of Ethiopia lack access to libraries that are within walking distance.

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"Just like humans need food to physically survive, in order for our minds and the minds of our students to survive, we need resources and a space to cultivate it."

Mekonnen Chamiso, Principal at Lenchciho

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  • currently

    1 in 4 children in Ethiopia are out of school.

  • our belief

    Education is a human right.

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    Your generosity can change a child's life.

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